Response #5: Prospectus

Sarah Jang

ENG 391W

Professor Alvarez

5 May 2011

The Extensive Arm of Colonialism: Exploring the Domino Effect of Colonialism in Various Texts

For the final essay, I would like to address the extent of which colonialism plays an important role in literature. I have noticed in my posts that I touched on the topic of colonialism  more than once and I have found connections to colonialism within the text. Through the use of the texts Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed, The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, Paterson by William Carlos Williams, and Christopher Unborn by Carlos Fuentes, I plan to connect the themes and ideologies present in these texts. I do have doubts, however, that it may be too big a topic and my thesis may become vague and watered down.

In an attempt to narrow down my argument, I plan to use the concept of intertextuality to link the text together and perhaps also explore the idea of how colonialism destroys cultures yet unifies a people towards a purpose. All of this is still a work in progress. However, I would like to examine how colonialism works in each text and how it affects the characters. A secondary text I would use is Aimé Césaire’s Discourse on Colonialism and other scholarly articles that I have yet to find.

In considering the extensive arm of colonialism, I would like to discuss how powerful a factor it is in our current literature and in the shaping of ideas, morals, and values in our texts. This ideology and theory is explored in some of the texts we read such as Paterson and Christopher Unborn. Colonialism also holds to certain images and people.

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