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So I have four essays coming up. Including the essay for this class. I’m feeling anxious. I’m just blogging as well to get my blogs done while working on my essay. I’m going to miss some of the professors I had this semester.

I recently noticed the spam button in the homepage for the qwriting blog. And so I checked it out cause I had like 13 of them. And it turns out people are posting advertisements on my blogs. -_- So obnoxious. And it’s not even in English! So would spam be considered an invasion of privacy or perhaps, trespassing?
I know everything is electronic and blogs also pop up on google searches, but when is it considered over the line? Just questions I can’t seem to answer. I don’t mind other people posting comments. Intelligible comments, that is. But if it’s spam, where does that fall?

Let’s check out some definitions.
Spam (noun, verb)

1. a canned food product consisting especially ofpork formed into a solid block.
2. disruptive messages, especially commercialmessages posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail

Andddd…from the OED

2. trans. Computing slang.  [Compare Spam n.] To flood (a network, esp. the Internet, a newsgroup, or individuals) with a large number of unsolicited postings, or multiple copies of the same posting. Also intr.: to send large numbers of unsolicited messages or advertisements.

Well put! 😀

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