Blog #32: Extra Credit (Amazon.com Sucks)

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I created an account for Amazon.com for extra credit, however, it would not let me post a customer review unless I have purchased something from the website. I thought that was interesting…”Censorship” in the oddest places, huh? I never understood how to use websites like Amazon.com, eBay.com, etc. I feel I have dated myself in an age where technology blooms. I sure hope we don’t get desensitized to humanity. Everything seems to distant and computerized now. When we call customer service we get electronic voices rather than people and when we get on the bus we’re told to move to the back and use the rear entrance through another electronic voice. What will this world become of? I don’t think we’re moving forward. It will become stagnant, dry, and lifeless. I won’t define what “it” is. That is up to the interpreter.

For Extra Credit:

Full Text:
Carlos Fuentes is a wonderful writer who is able to explore several different topics and themes within one book. He addresses many things in a complex and profound manner which leaves the reader speechless and pondering (i.e., significance of names, conception, identity, memories etc). He has a great talent for writing beautiful language that flows and sounds playful and fun. Not to mention, Fuentes also explores some obscure and unusual aspects of different cultures such as vagina dentata. However, despite all these amazing and great attributes of his multifarious perspective and mind, the lack of knowledge in Mexican history or in any of the topics Fuentes covers will hinder your reading. I found it most difficult to fully enjoy his work due to my insufficient understanding of the events. If you are not well versed in politics and history, then it will be a tough read but if you are, then enjoy!

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