Blog #31: Last Few Days

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So I have no quote for this blog post. But it’s a post for venting or just blurbing…blogging? Blurb?

I am extremely stressed right now. I have 4 major papers to work on. 3 more days of school left. 2 papers to rewrite (I want an A!) 1 crazy mind. I have no idea why I decided to finish up with 6 courses for the last semester…
But then again I did need them to graduate..I think.

I can’t wait to finish everything and look back in two weeks and say, “It was tough, but somehow I got through it!”
Procrastination is right around the corner along with other major things to do. They’re not a good pair.

Do you think if I invested in some “self-writing paper tool” I’d be a millionaire?

Nahhh. I’d be a BILLIONAIRE!

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