Blog #40: End of the Semester

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Last blog of the semester. And I’m also finishing up. I can’t wait until I’m done. ūüėÄ I’m also excited for new things to come. I hope to be able to look back 10 years and with confidence, say I have come a long way. There are so many things I’d love to do and work on. I hope to get them done. These projects are in my head as of now and I’m unsure how to go about doing it but hopefully, it’ll be successful.

It was a good semester. Or rather, good last semester.


Blog #39: HURRAH!

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I just finished my essay. Yayyy. Now I need to work on this one.

Last night I stayed up trying to work on the other essay. But beforehand, my friend bought me halal food and then afterwards, while heading home, I bought a medium sized mocha frappuccino (is that how it’s spelt) and that was a bad idea. Felt queasy the next day. I usually do not drink coffee.

Resting a bit before I start. I’m feeling alright about this. :]


Blog #38: Kooikerhondje

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I love dogs!

If I were to ever get any two breeds (two because I can’t pick just one >.<)…it’d be

1. Doberman

Playing or hunting?

Sitting with elegance

Pondering ūüėÄ

A charming breed, aren’t they? ūüėÄ

And here comes choice #2!

2. Kooikerhondje

Beautiful coat

You can see their "earrings" here. ^^

Gazing into the Distance

This breed is just as charming! :DDDD Ahhhh! I wish I lived in a big house with a giant yard! Then I could have all of them! ^^

Blog #37: Coffeeeeeee

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So I finished 2 essays so far. Hurrah!

Today, I was supposed to work on my third essay but got sidetracked a lot. I had a meeting with my fellow colleagues and that lasted a long time, but we had a lot of good laughs. It de-stressed us all. I think we all needed that.

I decided to drink two cups of coffee. And now my stomach feels like it’s being squeezed. No more coffee for me. The last time I drank coffee I had to write a 8 page paper on art. Didn’t sleep at all and I felt jittery and weird. -_- I hope to get my essay done tomorrow then onto the other one!…


Blog #36: 1 Down, 3 More to Go

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Ahhh. I have an essay due today. But thankfully, it’s a short, 4pg essay. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it done soon and hand it in. I’m not sure if I’ll do well considering the professor did not provide clear instructions even when asked.. ._.”

Then I must tackle the other essays. I hope to be done soon.

There’s so much to be done these days, I feel so stressed. I am glad and yet sad this is my last semester. Hurrah!


Blog #35: I Need A Break

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It took me…3 hours to research and read my articles, another hour to locate quotes and type them out…and I just need a break right now. Thus, I am blogging. I can’t believe it’s taking me forever to research for an essay. I hope it doesn’t take me too long to finish or to start the other essays as well. I hope I’m not the only one who takes this long to research and write an essay. There were a lot of distractions too…from my “study buddy.” Hahaha. But it was fun.

I hope to get my English Novel essay done today and sent, and then, I hope to create a thesis and find more articles for my Global Lit class by tonight. Then I’ll spend tomorrow writing and then send it to my professor.

After that’s done…On Saturday, I plan to start my Aspects of Fiction class. I’m not sure if I’ll do a good job, but I hope to get a good grade for class. I struggled a lot with the materials she presented us. So I must do some more research! And then after I finish the Aspects of Fiction essay (hopefully by Monday night or Tuesday) I’ll start on the Senior Seminar paper. Wooo!

This makes me feel more prepared. ūüėÄ

Blog #34: Spam?

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So I have four essays coming up. Including the essay for this class. I’m feeling anxious. I’m just blogging as well to get my blogs done while working on my essay. I’m going to miss some of the professors I had this semester.

I recently noticed the spam button in the homepage for the qwriting blog. And so I checked it out cause I had like 13 of them. And it turns out people are posting advertisements on my blogs. -_- So obnoxious. And it’s not even in English! So would spam be considered an invasion of privacy or perhaps, trespassing?
I know everything is electronic and blogs also pop up on google searches, but when is it considered over the line? Just questions I can’t seem to answer. I don’t mind other people posting comments. Intelligible comments, that is. But if it’s spam, where does that fall?

Let’s check out some definitions.
Spam (noun, verb)

1. a canned food product consisting especially ofpork formed into a solid block.
2. disruptive messages, especially commercialmessages posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail

Andddd…from the OED

2. trans. Computing slang.  [Compare Spam n.] To flood (a network, esp. the Internet, a newsgroup, or individuals) with a large number of unsolicited postings, or multiple copies of the same posting. Also intr.: to send large numbers of unsolicited messages or advertisements.

Well put! ūüėÄ


Blog #33: Procrastination

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So I’m procrastinating my Wikipedia article project by blogging. But if I’m blogging and I’m working towards 40 Blogs does it mean I’m procrastinating? It’s like that question: If a tree falls in the middle of the forest but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I love philosophical questions. They’re so quirky and they challenge many ideas. What is sound defined as and who defines sound? HAH! I should ask that to the person who asks me that question next time.

If pro = a good thing, does that mean procrastination is good? Never mind. Dumb question.

Blog #32: Extra Credit (Amazon.com Sucks)

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I created an account for Amazon.com for extra credit, however, it would not let me post a customer review unless I have purchased something from the website. I thought that was interesting…”Censorship” in the oddest places, huh? I never understood how to use websites like Amazon.com, eBay.com, etc. I feel I have dated myself in an age where technology blooms. I sure hope we don’t get desensitized to humanity. Everything seems to distant and computerized now. When we call customer service we get electronic voices rather than people and when we get on the bus we’re told to move to the back and use the rear entrance through another electronic voice. What will this world become of? I don’t think we’re moving forward. It will become stagnant, dry, and lifeless. I won’t define what “it” is. That is up to the interpreter.

For Extra Credit:

Full Text:
Carlos Fuentes is a wonderful writer who is able to explore several different topics and themes within one book. He addresses many things in a complex and profound manner which leaves the reader speechless and pondering (i.e., significance of names, conception, identity, memories etc). He has a great talent for writing beautiful language that flows and sounds playful and fun. Not to mention, Fuentes also explores some obscure and unusual aspects of different cultures such as vagina dentata. However, despite all these amazing and great attributes of his multifarious perspective and mind, the lack of knowledge in Mexican history or in any of the topics Fuentes covers will hinder your reading. I found it most difficult to fully enjoy his work due to my insufficient understanding of the events. If you are not well versed in politics and history, then it will be a tough read but if you are, then enjoy!

Blog #31: Last Few Days

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So I have no quote for this blog post. But it’s a post for venting or just blurbing…blogging? Blurb?

I am extremely stressed right now. I have 4 major papers to work on.¬†3 more days of school left. 2 papers to rewrite (I want an A!) 1 crazy mind. I have no idea why I decided to finish up with 6 courses for the last semester…
But then again I did need them to graduate..I think.

I can’t wait to finish everything and look back in two weeks and say, “It was tough, but somehow I got through it!”
Procrastination is right around the corner along with other major things to do. They’re not a good pair.

Do you think if I invested in some “self-writing paper tool” I’d be a millionaire?

Nahhh. I’d be a BILLIONAIRE!

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